2-5 Players

Up to 5 players compete independently to regain honor using any combination of 5 distinctive paths. The disruptive, screwage-inducing little expansion called “treachery” is already in play testing and will be included in the Kickstarter campaign as a low-hanging stretch goal.


Ages 14+ (PG)

Non-violent, profanity-free, teen-friendly content with mild war themes and supernatural themes (monsters) for humans 14 and older, or as recommended by parents.


~10-30 Minutes Per Player

Fast-moving turns and swift game tempo keep the action alive. Quick games last 10-minutes per player, while deeper games rarely last longer than 30 minutes per player. Optional, advanced play settings can be easily added or removed to suit optimal game play times without sacrificing game mechanics.

More than 20 artists from around the world illustrate a stunning, visually-diverse gaming environment.

Varying illustration styles allow for a huge array of people with different tastes to connect with different types of artwork in the game, including travelers, monsters, relics, trade goods, buildings, and more.

Visual consistency is attained through uniform design elements, borders, colors and a huge set of iconography.

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With stunning artwork, tested game mechanics, unlimited replayability, adjustable play times, and an intensely challenging strategic approach, EPOCH: The Awakening is waiting for the kind of mastery only you can bring.

What the Play Testers Are Saying…

  • “I had the chance to play this weekend and I think you have made a fantastic product top to bottom.”

    John Z. — Owner, Producer of SmashUp, Mystic Vale, and Love LetterAlderac Entertainment Group (AEG)
  • “I played two full 4 player games today of Epoch and I am itching to play it again. So many great little mechanisms built into this resource management, area control game. This will be a game that a lot of people are talking about when it hits the table.”

    James Hudson — Owner, Producer of Grimm ForestOwner, Druid City Games, Druid City Games
  • “The game pushes players to adopt separate strategies, and adapt on the fly. You can compete with another player over a common resource, but for different purposes. Both victory points and the ending of the game are themselves gamified and interactable.”

    Anthony P.Gamer
  • “The most distinct aspect of the game for me was the way the end of the game triggered. The random set of end-game triggers, combined with the ability to draft new triggers or hate-draft them out, was entirely unique. The best part was the fact that the win condition stays the same, but the end of the game is variable — you know what you are working for the entire time, you just don’t always know how long you have to get there.”

    Jacob M.
  • “As the game proceeded, I was very appreciative of the diversity of options and cards. Epoch looks like it will have good replay value and multiple ways to achieve victory.”

    Michael Y.
  • “I liked the layers and the dynamic shifts in the game. I feel like I could discover more strategies and ways to play the more I played this game.”

    Chase V.