The Game Begins…

Thrown overboard for a life of wretchedness, you wash ashore a hostile island ruins. Through advanced resource management, area control tactics, and freeform action selection, you’ll add companions to your party, acquire bizarre relics, attain potent character traits, and defeat a host of unusual monsters in the ultimate goal of mastering heroic attributes — and regaining honor.

What the Play Testers Are Saying…

  • “I had the chance to play this weekend and I think you have made a fantastic product top to bottom.”

    John Z. — Owner, Producer of SmashUp, Mystic Vale, and Love LetterAlderac Entertainment Group (AEG)
  • “I played two full 4 player games today of Epoch and I am itching to play it again. So many great little mechanisms built into this resource management, area control game. This will be a game that a lot of people are talking about when it hits the table.”

    James Hudson — Owner, Producer of Grimm ForestOwner, Druid City Games, Druid City Games
  • “The game pushes players to adopt separate strategies, and adapt on the fly. You can compete with another player over a common resource, but for different purposes. Both victory points and the ending of the game are themselves gamified and interactable.”

    Anthony P.Gamer
  • “The most distinct aspect of the game for me was the way the end of the game triggered. The random set of end-game triggers, combined with the ability to draft new triggers or hate-draft them out, was entirely unique. The best part was the fact that the win condition stays the same, but the end of the game is variable — you know what you are working for the entire time, you just don’t always know how long you have to get there.”

    Jacob M.
  • “As the game proceeded, I was very appreciative of the diversity of options and cards. Epoch looks like it will have good replay value and multiple ways to achieve victory.”

    Michael Y.
  • “I liked the layers and the dynamic shifts in the game. I feel like I could discover more strategies and ways to play the more I played this game.”

    Chase V.