Who We Are
Who We Are


We like to make things that challenge and stretch us. Stuff just tends to work out better that way. When we create the sharpest, snapiest, smartiest things we can, never accepting less from ourselves than the full extent of what we’re capable of, we ensure a constant refinement that will be reflected in whatever we make next. And after that. And after that. And after that.


We trust our gut. If something feels wrong, we don’t do it; if something feels right, we do it. Are there arguments that seem to reason for the feels-wrong-thing? Are there risks and trepidations associated with that which feels right? We say so what about that. Life happens fast and the time for courage of conviction is now. Only by being the best, most authentic, versions of ourselves can we feel wholly proud of what we’ve built - whatever that winds up being.


Inspiration is the spark of greatness. It’s the difference between making A thing and making THE thing, and when you let inspiration take the reigns - that’s when you end up doing the things that only you could do. To be inspired is to embrace a degree of purity whose very nature will lead to expressions of greater intentionality, vision, and power. This sounds like lofty silliness. It also happens to be true.

Who We Are

Game Design and Development

A uniquely special place where creative-storytelling, visual-design, community, relationships, wits, and sitting down all come together - boardgames represent many of our loves rolled into one. We’re into that. Also monsters - and the crushing or stabbing or befriending thereof. The tabletop space is good for that too.

Product Design

We are created to create, and through Orange Nebula we’re not holding back. Propelled by clarity of purpose and guided by good design - we don’t ask where we’re going. Wherever it is, that's exactly where we’re supposed to be.

Campaign Marketing and Consulting

Decades of brand consulting have made it abundantly clear that community is everything, and we’re obsessed with ours. Building connections and purpose for our expressions has fulfilled us beyond measure and we’re happy to partner with those seeking the same.

Our Team

Marc Neidlinger

Heart Director

Current Obsessions:

  • These little pepperoni sticks
  • Generous sharing of fruit
  • Taking home all the silverware

Tom Mattson

Passion Propagator

Current Obsessions:

  • Unexpected Forts
  • Buster Keaton
  • Time well spent

Lacey Faught

Energy Monitor? Positivity Magnet? Joy Coordinator?

Current Obsessions:

  • Sunshine
  • Tree roots
  • Snacks

Current Obsessions:

  • Bagels
  • I freaking love bagels.

Melanie Graham

Interface Tactician

Current Obsessions:

  • Trekking gear
  • Enamel pins
  • Bento art

Mark Daffron

Father Merch

Current Obsessions:

  • Backyard pizza ovens
  • Cabin life
  • Leaving phone behind

Our Collaborators


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