Orange Nebula is a creative community — sprung from the passion of Marc Neidlinger, principal and creative director of a visual design and branding agency in Portland, OR called Blue Blazes.

Marc is a lifetime tabletop gamer, graphic designer, father, and pop culture geek, as evidenced by his surroundings.

My passion is to design experiences that are transformative — in this case, games that bring people together and offer new insights and ways of thinking. I believe that tabletop board games bring people together, which is different than video games, which are often impersonal.

With Vindication, my goal was to take a familiar fantasy-based setting, create a unique environment that many gamers can explore, and then rethink how players can approach their character’s story, overcome various obstacles, outthink their opponents, and most importantly, learn more about themselves.  — Marc Neidlinger 

Having spent 20 years in the design industry, Marc and team are connected to a network of creative talent, including graphic designers, brand strategists, digital marketing experts, iconographers, illustrators, copywriters, and videographers, many of whom have contributed their talents to this project.

Although Vindication is the first board game designed by Orange Nebula Games, Marc and group have more than 20 years of experience creating intellectual property and retail products for hundreds of clients, many of which are household names.