Multi-Resource, Influence-Based Play System

Here’s what’s planned at this point to be in the box:

  • (1) ~22″ x 27″ Hexagonal Realm Map (board)
  • (120) 8mm Wooden Blocks (24 each of 5 colors)
  • (5) Player Dashboards
  • (5) 55mm Player Banner Miniatures (stretch goal)
  • (1) Custom-Engraved Heroic Attribute Die (D6)
  • (1) Custom-Engraved Counter-Attack Die (D6)
  • (36) Companion Cards
  • (12) Relic Cards
  • (12) Monster Cards
  • (12) Journey Cards
  • (12) End-Game Trigger Cards
  • (19) Structure / Building / Terrain Tiles
  • (1) Felt/Silk Bag with Drawstring
  • (1) Wooden Scoring Token (for each player)
  • (6) Mastery Tiles
  • (20) Proficiency Tiles
  • (20) Mount / Speed Upgrade Tokens
  • (4) End-Game Trigger Tokens
  • (1) Visual Guide (with rules)
  • (See images below…more photos coming soon)

Huzzah! EPOCH comes with over 100 fully illustrated cards of various different types. Game play is based on quick, turn-based movement and influential actions, each of which affect your overall strategy and the tactics of others. Here are some of the card types:

Monsters / Bounty Hunting
Monsters don’t like you. If you’re scared to face them, well, that’s probably why you don’t have nice things. Confrontations with monstrous creatures of various types will yield rewards worth fighting for.

Monsters Game Components

Because this ruined land is filled with hideous things that you need to overcome, success will require help from others. Hiring companions to join a player’s cause will greatly increase your chance of not getting squished by a troll’s club or eaten by a giant carnivorous flower. Companions can be found available for work in the inns. These special folks each have their own agenda and will only join your party if you have the right type of influence to persuade them. Are you wise enough? That remains to be seen.

Monsters Game Components  Companions Game Components

The realm is filled with strange curios, time-worn knickknacks, and other oddities that can be used by players to gain boosts to their stats. Relics are rare, powerful, but require more influence and vision to control. In addition to special powers, relics also grant honor to players when they gain control of them. Not controlling these artifact makes you not-awesome. Being not-awesome will probably lose you the game.

Monsters Game Components  Companions Game Components  Relics Game Components

Attaining traits is an incredibly powerful way to gain passive and triggered abilities that your opponents won’t have. Gaining wisdom is key to attaining traits, once you’ve made your way into the Tomb of the Ancients.

Monsters Game Components  Companions Game Components  Relics Game Components  Traits Game Components

Map Tiles
The area control mechanic is one of several important paths to the primary win condition—regaining your honor. The realm map contains 19 unique territory tiles that are discovered by players. Once discovered, players can acquire, control, and upgrade buildings — or confront monsters who dwell there and see what happens. Each of 8 unique tile types has a benefit for the user, and a passive benefit for the owner. The brawl to control them could get ugly.

Knowing where to be and when is critical to success in the game. The cool thing about area control in EPOCH is that there is very little head-to-head combat in the base game—every player can control their own destiny—for the most part. Well, except for the Treachery expansion in which players directly create total screwage for other players. Thank the Maker you have your wits.

Illustration ©2015 Orange Nebula, LLC. Header image artwork by Reza Afshar.