Epoch:  The Awakening takes place in a lavish, stunning environment illustrated by more than 20 artists hailing from over a dozen countries.

One of the aspects of game design that’s important to me is the balance of visual diversity and visual consistency. It seems fitting to list the artists who have contributed to the game, and so I’ll do that here:

Raul Furtado Tavares

(in order of contribution volume)

  • Emiliano H. Cordoba
  • Brett Carville
  • Phu Thieu
  • Shunskis
  • Inkary
  • Nguyen Dang Hoang Tri
  • Duy Phan Nguyen Trinh
  • Bartek Fedyczak
  • Simon Tjong
  • Mat Sadler
  • Reza Afshar
  • Başdoğan
  • Noémi Konkoly
  • Ryan J. Lowe
  • Ruo Yu Chen
  • Addison Rankin
  • Gil Geolingo
  • Kyle Shold
  • Hilary Purnamasari
  • Jim Odo
  • Maria Gandolfo
  • Isabell Billeter
  • Olie Boldador

(in order of contribution volume)

  • Ty Palmer
  • Annie Liebert
  • Kevin Butler

Illustration ©2015 Orange Nebula, LLC. Header image artwork by Emiliano H. Cordoba.