Vindication is an immersive, story-driven gaming experience where players begin the game as a lone fantasy world traveler of no particular significance or influence, thrown overboard from a merchant ship, and washed ashore a mysterious island ruins. Over the course of the game, players travel throughout a corrupted realm seeking to restore their honor and increase their influence.

Exclusive Heroic Attribute System
VINDICATION offers a distinctive resource management system. There is only one primary resource — influence — which is used everywhere throughout the game:  on the map, on the player dashboard, and even on the cards controlled by each player. However, the game offers an exclusive attribute-building system which allows players to gain the  Common Attributes of Inspiration, Strength, and Knowledge, and combine them based on the color wheel to attain the Heroic Attributes of Courage, Wisdom, and Vision.

RingOfVitality_500x500 Conceptual Approach

Highly strategic
By exploring map locations, defeating monsters, obtaining relics, attaining traits, persuading companions, and even engaging in treachery, players must manage resources and heroic attributes in order to gain reputation and eventually regain their honor. With so many paths available to players as they progress through the game, choices become difficult, especially when their influence is spent and end-game triggers are being added as time progresses. In VINDICATION, there is a benefit and a detriment to nearly every choice. In some cases, it’s an opportunity cost (losing the chance to do something else) and other times it’s a hard cost (resources, attributes, honor, etc).

Never plays the same way twice
The primary game map consists hexagonal tiles which are discovered by players as the game progresses. As players reveal locations they may control map locations or pursue several paths toward restoring honor. As players control regions and obtain new companions and magical relics, new abilities are unlocked. Defeating monsters grants players unique end-game bonuses.

Expansions Included
The primary play grants each player total control of his or her destiny (well, mostly). We’ve designed a Myths and Wonders expansion for the game, which introduces cooperative play to defeat Ronak, the Earth Trembler and collect powerful loot. The Treachery expansion introduces the ability to disrupt other players—something that the core game does not focus on. The Guilds & Monuments expansion allows players to take a specialized 4th action each turn using guild favor to enhance or break some of the rules of the game — or re-construct a guild monument for huge honor totals.

Illustration ©2017 Orange Nebula, LLC. Header image artwork by Emiliano H. Córdoba.