Undead Viking Preview

“I couldn’t have been happier…my gaming group loved it, I really, really loved it…from a strict mechanism situation, the game is fantastic. I really enjoy so many aspects of it…I needed a breath of fresh air and this game gave that to me.”

Unfiltered Gamer Review

“This is such a great game, we don’t give out a lot of approval stamps, I think the 4 of 5 of us who played rated the game 9.5 (which helps determine my over-all review and approval stamps) So much fun, I’m excited to play again the moment I have a spare day!”



“I played two full 4 player games today of Epoch and I am itching to play it again. So many great little mechanisms built into this resource management, area control game. This will be a game that a lot of people are talking about when it hits the table.”
— James Hudson, Owner, Druid City Games and Producer of Grimm Forest

“I had the chance to play this weekend and I think you have made a fantastic product top to bottom.”
— John Z., Owner, Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) and Producer of SmashUp, Love Letter, and Mystic Vale

“The game has a nice mix of exploration, power combinations, and resource management…I think what I enjoy the most about Epoch is the way that you can choose your own path to regain honor—the game does not lock you into a particular path.”
— Jonathan Liu, Senior Editor, GeekDad

“The game pushes players to adopt separate strategies, and adapt on the fly. You can compete with another player over a common resource, but for different purposes. Both victory points and the ending of the game are themselves gamified and interactable.”
—Anthony P., Playtester