Deepen your experience.

Use your attributes to gain rapport with the leaders of Vindication’s six mysterious guilds; then leverage that rapport to access powerful new abilities. Counter existing strategies, discover intriguing new ones, and enjoy the tactical variety of a variable power experience that still maintains balance and freedom of choice.

Expansion: Requires Vindication to Play

2-5 Players

Ages 14 & Up


Fantasy, Euro, Resource Management

Satisfy your hunger for more.

Further expand your deeply customizable experience with even more modular goodies. Alternate dice hone the adventure to your tastes, character-art standees deepen your immersion, new locations keep things fresh, and a gargantuan mulberry scumbag makes exploring the island even more satisfying. Hecka swanky.


Make compelling decisions.

Call upon your rapport to initiate alliances between guilds for massive honor gains. Time these treaties wisely however, because while you want to forge them before your opponents, these alliances come at the cost of reduced access to leader abilities. Do you utilize your rapport to execute game-changing turns or save it up for ridiculous honor bonuses? Your call, wretch.

Do it yourself.

Join your new little Guardian buddy Tik-Tik on two unique solo adventures! Regain your lost honor while holding back the spread of darkness in “Vindication,” a variant built around the standard game experience. Then, see the island completely anew in “The Awakening,” a wholly unique way to play wherein you summon and strengthen the returning Guardians, banishing a resurgent darkness and ushering a bold new age of light.


Playthoughs, Reviews & Recognition

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Preview: Man vs. Meeple

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Rulebook (1st Edition) [PDF]

Solo Adventures Rulebook (1st Edition) [PDF]