Bronze Heroic Attributes Pin Set


On the path to renewal, the most important provisions come from within.

  • Complete Set of 3
  • 1″ x 1″ Die-Cast Brushed Bronze
  • Single Rubber Clutch
  • Custom 2-Sided Backer Cards

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More Information

Each card includes the following text on the reverse of the custom backer card.


The future you are building was founded in the past, by insights born of your experience and knowledge. Surge forward by reflecting back, transforming a life-lived into a life-worth-living. Own your understanding, put it to use, and illuminate your path with the light of its flame.


Trust the thing inside that refuses to settle for what already is – that sees a future reality so clearly, its creation seems almost inevitable. Lean in. If it’s tangible enough to rise in your mind’s eye, all that remains is to reach out and grasp it.


The destiny you seek demands something deeper, calling forth the strength and inspiration necessary for the journey ahead. Move forward despite your obstacles, let your actions be worthy of your calling, and awaken the hero you are meant to become.