Pewter Heroic Attributes Pin Set


On the path to renewal, the most important provisions come from within.

  • Complete Set of 3
  • 1″ x 1″ Die-Cast Brushed Pewter
  • Single Rubber Clutch
  • Custom 2-Sided Backer Cards

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More Information

Each card includes the following text on the reverse of the custom backer card.


Fuel the fire within and let it guide you; bring it our to light the way. There is no power, no position, no stature that can so influence the world as new idea pulled passionately from within.


Seek understanding, be erudite in your walk, and trust that no experience is wasted if used to enlighten. A well-cultivated mind masters the world with grace, the road to success and fulfillment born upon well-informed inference.


The battle set before you means to test the potency of your resolve. Seek more than mere brawn (though that’s handy too), temper also your hardiness, and trust to vigor — discover yourself more powerful than you could ever have imagined.