Wisdom is your only weapon.

Spirit Fire™ is an introspective open-world board game system in which you explore unique fantasy realms on an introspective journey of discovery, wonder, and mystery. Your journey is substantive and personal, with no combat. It’s time to wield something more powerful than a sword.

You are the story

Your path centers around your character box, which contains infinite versions of yourself waiting to be discovered and unlocked. You’ve always sensed something more, tucked quietly away within you. A spark, leading to something potent, vibrant, alive; a fire inside that is greater than you, and yet, somehow, IS you. The time has come—to let it out.

Unlock content by how you play 

Your actions and discoveries will shape who you become—and influence the realm around you—by unlocking new content from card packs. Since you are the story, how you do things is just as important as what you do.

(These are thick envelope-style packs that can be easily reloaded and resealed if you want to reset your game. We’ve got you.)

Every challenge is an opportunity

Use your disciplines and connections to the world to overcome difficult obstacles, take advantage of moments of serenity, negotiate with those you meet, and face countless other experiences. How you approach the things you encounter—and how much you lean into those moments—will influence who you become.

Weave into and out of realms

Explore a variety of open-world realms at your own pace, in the order you wish. Each realm is a distinct setting with its own narratives, maps, quests, opportunities, and perpetual living environments. Get lost in one, or explore many. It’s up to you to determine what is worthy of your spark.

Ignite something within

Beneath it all, enabling everything you do, is Spirit Fire: the thing burning inside that sets you on your journey and sustains you throughout it. Wild and potent; intimate and yet unknowable; Spirit Fire flows through and amplifies everything. It is the source of mystery and the revelator of truth. Through it, you will be capable of more than you ever thought possible and will discover who you truly are.

What will you do with the flame you carry?

With drop-in / drop-out multiplayer (meaning seamless transitions between solo and cooperative play), multiple open-world realms coming at launch (with many more in development for the future), and a plan for a continuous stream of new personal quest lines that can by played in any realm, Spirit Fire is a deeply customizable on-going experience. Everything in Spirit Fire can be reset and played again, but the system enables something better: the ability to forever build on what’s come before.

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