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Shop Policies

Returns, Exchanges & Refunds

Purchased on Orange Nebula Website

We want you to be incredibly happy with your Orange Nebula purchase. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we welcome returns requested within 30 days of receipt. To be eligible for a return, your item must be in unused, new condition and in its original packaging. Gift cards, downloadable products, as-is or clearance products are not eligible.


To begin your return, please contact us and provide information about your request. Once verified and approved we will reply with further instructions.


Please Note: Customers are responsible for paying shipping costs for the returned item. Shipping costs are non-refundable. We cannot guarantee that we will receive your returned item and are not responsible for lost or damaged shipments. We completely agree that shipping costs are expensive and no fun for anyone. We are always looking for new ways to make the process less expensive for all involved. Promise.

Purchased on Kickstarter/BackerKit/CrowdOx

If you ordered from Kickstarter, BackerKit or CrowdOx, returns and refund policies evolve over the course of a project.


A few things to note: We are a tiny group of creatives working our tails off to bring passion projects to life. Refund policies are necessary to keep us from going belly up. That said, we are empathetic, caring people. If you have extenuating circumstances that you feel warrant an exception to any of these policies, please let us know and we’ll take your situation into consideration. You’re the most important thing to us and we want to have your back.


During Campaign:

While a campaign is live you may cancel your pledge at any time through the Kickstarter platform.


After the Campaign Ends, Before Production Begins: 

Once a campaign is concluded, refunds are available less the processing fees that we have already paid to Kickstarter, Stripe, pledge management platforms, etc. This comes out to a refund of about 90%.


After the Campaign Ends, After Production Has Begun: 

Once we have submitted a request to the manufacturer to product a copy of the product on your behalf the funds are no longer in our hands. The money is gone. At this stage we can offer a hard-ship refund of 60%; we know sometimes life can throw some devastating curveballs.


After the Pledge Has Shipped: 

Once our fulfillment partners have put your package in the mail a refund is no longer possible.


Purchased from Convention or Event

Products ordered from a convention or event are ineligible for returns or exchanges at this time. If you are seeking a replacement for a broken or defective part, please visit the Product Support section of this page.

Orders & Payments

What Payment Methods Do You Accept Online?

We process our payments through Stripe and PayPal who accept most forms of domestic and international credit/debit cards. We do not accept cash or check. Please note: PayPal and Stripe both have their own, constantly changing, relationships with governments around the world. If you are not seeing a certain payment option when you check out, it likely has something to do with your region. These circumstances are outside our control.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept at Conventions & Events?

We accept all major credit/debit cards at our conventions and events as well as cash. We do not accept checks.

Can I Cancel My Order

If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us within 24 hours of placing your order. While we will do our best to accommodate requests made after the deadline, we cannot guarantee your request will be able to be fulfilled.

Do You Except International Payments

We are able to accept international orders from a large majority of countries. Unfortunately logistical considerations mean that there are some regions we are unable to fulfill orders to but we make every effort to be as accommodating as possible.


Please Note: We are unable to ship to the following countries: Afghanistan, Brazil, Congo, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Libya, Myanmar, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria.


This list is subject to change without notice.


What Shipping Provider Do You Use?

That’s a darn complicated question. We are constantly working with our fulfillment partners and the various postal entities to ensure the least-expensive, most-reliable shipping experience possible. As such, we use many different shipping providers, depending on which makes the most sense for your package / region. If you have had problems with a specific carrier please let us know before placing your order so that we can try to accomodate you.



Typically, games are stored with our fulfillment partners around the world. These will be shipped from those facilities using whatever shipping providers they have determined are best.


Apparel and Promos

Typically, these items are stored at our Vancouver, WA office. U.S. orders tend to ship with USPS First Class Package or Priority Mail, though if it is less expensive to use FedEx Smart Post or UPS we will do so. International orders are shipping from our WA office through consolitation services, typically through USPS International, but with recent changes in USPS pricing structures this is an evolving process.


Please Note: Orders containing both game and apparel / promo items will often ship in separate shipments if those items are held in different warehouses.

How Long Will It Take to Receive My Order?

This depends greatly on our current order volume.  We ship orders daily attempt to have your package in within a few days of you placing your order. During US Holiday, Kickstarter campaigns, or large promotions that generate an influx of orders there can be a longer wait time. International orders will take several weeks to process as they pass through many hands on their way to you.


Orders Not Containing Games: Non-game orders will typically be dispatched from our Vancouver, WA facility within five business days.


International Orders: We have done our best to keep prices low by using consolidation services. Here’s how this works: your package is sent to a consolidation center in our region. There it is bundled with other packages for your region which are then sent overseas as one package instead of many. Once it arrives it is split open and all the little individual shipments go on their merry way. This process allows us to offer international shipping at reasonable prices but has more steps that take additional time. Please expect 2-5 weeks for delivery if your order is outside the United States.


Orders Containing Games: Orders containing a copy of a game are forwarded to our fulfillment partners around the world and will ship as soon as their workflow allows. We are not able to provide shipping estimates for our fulfillment partners, but we ask that you please allow extra time for your order to arrive. Mixed orders may be split and shipped from multiple locations.

How Can I Update My Shipping Address?

If you need to change your shipping address, please contact us within 24 hours of placing your order. While we will do our best to accommodate changes made after the deadline, we cannot guarantee your request will be able to be fulfilled.

Do You Offer Order Tracking?

Many of the services we use provide order tracking, but some do not. If tracking is available for your package you will receive it in your email once your order is shipped. If you did not receive tracking, and enough time has gone by that you feel it reasonable to assume something odd has occured, please contact us  with your order information so we can investigate.

Product Support

Missing or Broken Parts

Stuff Be Busted

If something has shown up to you in a less-than-great condition we will do whatever we can to get you a replacement. Please contact us with as much information as possible:


  • Your name
  • Shipping information
  • Name of the game / product
  • Description of the broken or missing item
  • Where you ordered / purchased the product
  • Photo of damages or that may help explain which item is missing


Please be sure to include all of the above. Having all the information helps us to process your order quickly and accurately. We thank you for your patience and understanding that we receive many inquiries (especially during fulfillment of a Kickstarter campaign) and that it may take days for us to reach your message. Typically, our staff do not come into the office or conduct shipping on weekends. Know that we will get to your missing component message as soon as is possible for us to do so, and thank you for your consideration that we are several people, not a corporation with a full-time customer service team.


Please Note: in very rare circumstances we may not have any replacements available.



Box Damage

We’re stoked you’ve gotten your hands on one of our games and hope it makes it to the table very soon!


We’re with you on box lids, imperfect boxes are definitely not ideal. Thankfully, damaged boxes means the box did what it was meant to do: keep your game components safe. So for that, we are grateful. If you’re able to live with the box as is—you have our gratitude. There’s a reason the industry standard is to not replace boxes for cosmetic damage: cracking a new game and shipping an empty box typically costs the publisher multiple times what they made on the game sale. We wish shipping for large items was less expensive, but it isn’t, and that’s a reality we must face as a community.


That said, we want you to be super excited about your game. What we’ve discovered is that most the messages we receive asking about box replacements are folks just kinda kicking the tires to see how possible / cheap / easy that would be, but they’re happy to move on with their box as-is once presented with the toll their request represents for the publisher. However, if your box condition is truly heartbreaking for you, or the damages are so egregious that the idea of not replacing it is laughable, please contact us and include some images and we’ll go from there. We like to take these things on a case-by-case basis and do everything we can to make your experience top notch. 


We hope this all makes sense. We’re very open to chatting as much as you’d like about this. In the meantime, we hope the game itself treats you and yours to many fantastic times.

Vindication® Support

What are the differences between the Kick—

We’re gonna go ahead and stop you right there and redirect you to the special Vindication Support Page.

Unsettled® Support

Coming Soon

Collaboration Support

Request a Review Copy of a Game

Existing Product

We’re honored by your interest. Seriously.


Typically, we don’t have a bunch of stock laying around. We keep inventory very close to demand and any extra copies printed for media get gobbled up almost instantly.


That said, please don’t let that infer and lack of love for your efforts. Content creators are the unsung heroes of the industry. Thank you so much for using your time and talent in a way that benefits everyone—its the type of thing that makes the board game industry as special as it is. We know that your work takes so much more effort than people realize (is basically another job), and that without a deep well of passion to draw from there’s no way you’d be doing it.


We’d love to record your interest for future reference. So please do us a favor, zip on over to this form and leave us your details. Down the line when we DO have copies we’d love to know where to find you.


Media Inquiry Form


In the meantime, please accept a big heaping pile of respect, gratitude, and high fives. We wish we could send copies to all content creators all the time – hopefully someday that will be possible.


Keep doing what you’re doing – what you’re doing is awesome.

Upcoming Products

We do not currently have any copies of that product—it does not exist yet—but we truly appreciate your confidence in our mastery and dominance of space-time.


Please drop us all your details on our media form so that we remember your interest when the time comes.


Media Inquiry Form 

Media Inquiry

I’d like to offer my media creation services

Heck yeah, thank you for getting in touch. We’d love to hear more about your craft and passion.


The reality of email is that when these type of inquiries come in we’re rarely in a position to give you the attention you deserve or we’re not in need of your talent right at that moment.


Unfortunately this usually means that by the time we do need your help, we’ve forgotten about your message. In an effort to combat this we want to collect your information in a more organized way so we can find you when the time comes. Please take a second and drop your details into this form so we can do just that.


And thanks for being awesome.


Media Inquiry Form


I’d like the interview the team

We’d like that too. We love talking with other creators and being part of your craft.


Please use the orange SEND US A MESSAGE button on this page to let us know you’re interested. Our team tends to overstack their schedules, so we can’t always make things happen, but we definitely want the opportunity to try.

Non-Profits and Conventions

I’d like to invite you to our event

And we’d like to attend your event!

As a small team with limited budget our event capacity is fairly limited. We’d still love to hear from you, but feel compelled to share that we’re likely to gratefully decline.


If your event is board game related, the chances of our being available are quite slim as we’re already committed to a regular rotation of annual events in that industry.


If your event is creative agency / design community focused there’s a much higher likelihood of our being able to make something happen as we don’t have as many existing commitments on that front.


In either case, please reach out using the Send Us A Message button on this page. We promise to do as much as we can!


I’d like some products to giveaway as prizes for our event

Thank you so much for reaching out. We’re honored that you have taken the time.


We receive so many inquiries from deserving causes that we are profoundly encouraged. It’s inspiring to see amazing work being done by selfless people in service of others. We’re happy (sad?) to say that the volume of such requests has reached a scale that we cannot possibly service them all. 


As a solution we have set a procedure for ourselves where each January we look through the past year’s non-profit / convention requests and decide how the group wants to conduct our charitable giving for the year.


Please share your information through this form so we can consider you when the time comes.


Thank you so much for reaching out. We are truly grateful for the work you are doing. Keep being amazing.

Localization Services

I’d like to offer my translation services and/or work with you as a localization partner.

This is something that we’re interested in and would love to collect your details so we know where to reach you when this becomes something we’re more focused on. Please fill out this Localization Partner Form.  

Freelance Inquiries

I’m an illustrator, designer, animator, musician, writer, or other type of artist/creator who would like to chat about working together.

We are always honored to talk with other creators and explore the possibility of bringing your unique perspective and skills in on some of our projects. Please fill out this Freelance Inquiry Form so we have all your information when next we’re looking for creatives for future projects.

Manufacturing, Fulfillment, Ad Tech, Marketing, or Logistical Inquiries

I’d like to connect with someone about offering my business’ services.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in 20 years of business, its how much we don’t know. We value deep relationships with our business partners and always have our eyes open for new opportunities. Please fill out our Partnership Inquiry Form so that we have your information when we find ourselves in need of your talents and knowledge.

Game Submissions

Are you accepting pitches?

Officially, no.


That’s not to say we doubt your game is amazing. Just by getting your project to this point you have unlocked something in yourself and you should be proud of what you have achieved. We think it amazing you’ve come this far.


Simply put, at this point, our schedule is jam-packed. We simply do not have the resources to give submissions the proper care and consideration they deserve.


Unofficially, if you send us something, we are grateful to receive and file it away for later. Someday, a time may come that we’re able to dig into what you have created. You never know.


Please understand, you’re unlikely to hear a response from us on these submissions for weeks, months, perhaps ever. We hate the idea of you sending something in and then waiting anxiously for a response, which is why we’re not officially accepting anything. When we say submissions deserve care and consideration WE MEAN THAT. We also don’t want to completely close the door to the chance that your game truly belongs in the Orange Nebula line up. If you want to slip it in the crack for us to maybe come across sometime down the line, do so here: Orange Nebula Game Submission Form


We respect the creative process, the energy and passion it takes to make things, and you for having done so. Keep being awesome.