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Components, Game Versions, Extras

Game Versions

What version of the game do I have? Do you still make the Swanky version?

Good news: there is now and forevermore only one version of Vindication. It includes all the expansions, modules, stretch goals and so forth from the original Kickstarter (including Guilds & Monuments, Treachery, Pets, Loot, Myths & Wonders, and more).

There is no watered-down retail version to avoid – all versions come full packed with all the things! Because you deserve it. Booyah.


There are a handful of random promos and such floating around, all of which are available in our shop if that’s your thing. As of July 2020 these items include:

Boulder Hulk promotional miniature (playable in solo mode)

2018 Promo Card Pack

2019 Community Promo Card Pack

Promo Card Pair: Dice Tower

Promo Card Pair: Board Game Spotlight

Promo Card Pair: Man vs Meeple

Metal Threshold Medallions

All of these promo items are just fun little supplemental things and none are at all necessary for play.

Fiddly extra note: During the first KS (way back in 2017) there WERE different versions of the game. Those have long since sold out and if you are purchasing the game anytime after 2017 there’s a 99.9% chance you are buying the current version. The older versions can be identified by their part number near the barcode on the back of the box. ORN101, ORN118, ORN125, ORN135 are all part numbers from the first print run and some of these versions are missing the monument miniatures. If you have one of these versions and would like to add the monument minatures they are available in the shop as the “Guilds & Monuments Upgrade Pack.”

Is The Kickstarter Version Still Available?

Yes, insofar as all versions of the game are the same (see: What version of the game do I have?). We do not make special extra-fancy versions of our games with Kickstarter exclusives, that approach doesn’t align with our values. Instead, we celebrate our Kickstarters with free promos, etc that are all available in our shop later for any who aren’t able to pick up the game during the campaign.


For example: during the Vindication: Leaders & Alliances campaign there were two items available to backers for free: the Boulder Hulk Awakened miniature and the 2019 Community Pack. If you didn’t back during that campaign, those items are still available to you in the shop.


What’s the Difference Between the Two Boulder Hulks?

They are simply two different sculpts of the same character.

Here’s the story: During the first Kickstarter campaign in 2017 we offered the Boulder Hulk miniatures as a KS exclusive to backers. This was in line with the meta at the time and we were a new company still finding our identity. Since then we have determined that the whole concept of “exclusives” doesn’t align with our values. It’s not a practice you’ll see on any Orange Nebula campaigns moving forward. While we feel honor-bound to maintain the KS exclusivity of that item (we’ll keep making it available on future campaigns) we also wanted to introduce a variant of that figure so that people had an option outside of KS season. Also, Boulder Hulk is just awesome and the more of it the better. As of this writing (Oct 2019) the figure is largely a promotional keepsake. Its only significant gameplay value is for the solo adventure modes in the Leaders & Alliances expansion.


May I Purchase a Copy of the Rulebook?

Availability of rulebooks is hit or miss. You may contact us to inquire about a copy of the rulebook and if we have some available we will hook you up. Please note: if you own a version of the game from the first Kickstarter and are hoping to “update” your rulebook, the changes are miniscule at best and, in our opinion, not worth the effort. Instead, we recommend checking out the digital version of the rules here.

Is the Rulebook Available Online?

The most up-to-date version of the rulebook can always be found on the Vindication page.

Language Editions

Will Vindication Be Available In Other Languages?

Currently, there are no immediate plans to localize Vindication to other languages. We have had loose talks with several different localization partners about the prospect, but Vindication is a big expensive luxury game that does not lend itself well to that process. We aren’t shutting the door on the possibility but it is not a high priority for our team at this time.

The rulebook is available in several languages at the bottom of the Vindication page of this site.

Component F.A.Q.

What Goes in the Top Card Slot of the Tray? (and)
I Am Missing the Treachery Cards

That top slot is for the Treachery expansion cards.

Here’s the deal: The treachery expansion is a set of cards that share identical card backs with the basic card types in the game (companions, relics, traits, monsters) but that allow you to do some less-than-honorable shenanigans. They can be a bit more cut-throat and using them actually loses you honor. They can be identified by the black border in the face of the cards. You’ll find some of these black bordered cards in each of the six main card decks. If you don’t want to play with that expansion go ahead and remove all these cards and leave them in the top-most slot of the card organizer.


Why Are There Seven Duplicate Cards in the Leaders & Alliances Expansion?

Yeah, those cards in Leaders & Alliances are kind of thrown in there in a mysterious fashion.

Here’s the deal – they are replacements for some base game cards for people who have a first printing copy of the game. They are included in the expansion to get them in those people’s hands without them having to jump through a bunch of extra online-ordering and shipping hoops. If your copy of Vindication was acquired (through KS or retail) in 2019 or later, your copies of those cards already contain the changes and the ones in Leaders are just extras. If you throw away the extras, be careful not to dispose of the 5 solo mode cards (4 ‘boon’ cards and Tik-Tik pet) which can all be identified by their Solo Adventure card backs.

Here are the titles of the reprinted cards:
Elina, Scribe of Moderate Worth
Beast Mistress Veroa
Wim, Sprightly Squire
One-Shot Dara
Eila, Flicker of Days to Come

If you’re unsure whether you have a first printing version of the game or not you can look at the part number near the barcode on the box. If your part number contains ONB then it’s a newer version of the game and you don’t need those reprinted cards. If your part number starts with ORN then it’s a first printing version and you should swap those cards into your game and remove the earlier versions.


Gameplay Support

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