Let’s talk about Trust, Baby. Let’s talk about you and me

As we gear up to launch Unsettled on Kickstarter, it’s only right for us to help you start prepping to […]

The Mindset Needed to Colonize Planets

What does it mean to attempt to survive in a hostile environment? Man versus the environment. When we think of […]

Facing Shadows Inside

Looking at the Internal Hero/Villain Framework Recently, I wrote about my daughter opting to cosplay a Dalek – the notorious […]

Episode 15 – Unsettled & Uncomfortable

The mailbag opens up the most detailed dive yet into the mechanics and experience of the upcoming cosmic survival game: [...]

Exterminate Isolation

The frenetic pace of business emails, push notifications, and negative news cycles is isolating. This isolation contributes to issues with […]

Gaming Motivations: Discovery

Embrace the potential of things unknown and expect revelation from what comes next. It is only by seeking that we […]

Join the Dark Side

Back in college, I took an ancient religion course. We studied Samaritans, the Babylonians, and more. By looking at these […]

Stranger Things 3 – What I Learned About Parenting

This thing is full of spoilers you haven’t binged the entire season yet, don’t read anymore. I’m choking back shaming […]

The Immortality of the Phoenix in Stories

I’m sure in the few posts I’ve written it’s easy to see I am rooted in mythology and story. I […]

The Mythology Behind Sailor Moon

Spending my formative years in Japan, I cut my teeth on iconic cartoons and pop-culturey things. This love of continued […]


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