Introducing The Outpost Podcast

We’ve decided to make 2019 the year we have all the fun, and are stoked to have you along. Yes we brought snacks, no you can’t have any yet. They are for later. What? Oh I don’t know, whenever we decide it’s later-enough, just look out the window!

Boardgame Frontiers: Verticality

You know what’s fun? Predicting things. Such as upcoming trends in the world of boardgames. The next frontier, if you will. […]

What You Can Learn by Following Creators on Kickstarter

Oh – you don’t have a Kickstarter problem? Neither do we. Lovely. Good talk. We should do this more. Since […]

Mixtape Summer ’18: Our Picks for the Season

I could easily kick off the introduction of our Spotify playlists by pondering the deep impact of music and how […]

You Too Can Waste All Your Creative Potential!

I am destroying my own creative potential, and you can too! Secret secret: you probably already are. At least a […]

Visible Women 2018: Our Favorite Discoveries

If you went anywhere near Twitter on Monday August 20th you probably found yourself gloriously consumed by the return of […]

Resource Management Has Been Vindicated

When we talk about the inspiration behind Vindication as a tabletop game it’s never a discussion about strategy or mechanics […]

A Look at the Art of Vindication

We at Orange Nebula believe in the power of collaboration. Opening a project to the influence of a wide range […]

Inside the World and Lore of Vindication

After a life spent chasing wealth and excess, your cruelty and corruption have finally caught up with you. That’s why […]


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