The Appeal of Conspiracy Theories

Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, was part of MKUltra – the government-funded mind control program. This is my favorite conspiracy theory. […]

The “Limping Ladies” of the Creative World

Watching a video featuring a former CIA employee in charge of creating disguises and I’m struck by a throw-away line […]

Introducing Plunder Pods!

What are shrouded in mystery, constantly changing, and plump full of goodies? PLUNDER PODS! Plunder Pod is a monthly giveaway [...]

How Mindful Content Consumption Feeds the Brain

Content consumption was heavily monitored with I was growing up. Our TV was parked on The Discovery Channel where I’d […]

E 22 – Time Slaves

What’s the morality of time travel? Are we wise enough to wield time travel responsibly? We had a lot of […]

The Cost of Connectivity

While I’ve written about needing to disconnect from phones while walking to maintain awareness of our surroundings when I talked […]

Episode 21 – Thick Skin

What’s the importance of having a thick skin? Marc, Lacey, Derick, Mark “Daffirmation” Daffron start off light chatting about psycho-savage driving, our […]

COVID-19 Could Be a Catalyst

Think Bigger. This is a sort of mantra for this community, a guiding principle for life, creativity, business, and problem [...]

Episode 20 – Whiffy Waffy

What makes a healthy community? What is the purpose? Why should you pursue it? What brings people together, and what […]

The Myth of Medusa Viewed Through the Lens of the True Crime Genre

Stories are told through the lens of the time. Thousands of years ago people gathered in outdoor amphitheaters to listen […]


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