Boardgame Frontiers: Verticality

You know what’s fun? Predicting things. Such as upcoming trends in the world of boardgames. The next frontier, if you will. […]

What You Can Learn by Following Creators on Kickstarter

Oh – you don’t have a Kickstarter problem? Neither do we. Lovely. Good talk. We should do this more. Since […]

Mixtape Summer ’18: Our Picks for the Season

I could easily kick off the introduction of our Spotify playlists by pondering the deep impact of music and how […]

You Too Can Waste All Your Creative Potential!

I am destroying my own creative potential, and you can too! Secret secret: you probably already are. At least a […]

Visible Women 2018: Our Favorite Discoveries

If you went anywhere near Twitter on Monday August 20th you probably found yourself gloriously consumed by the return of […]

Resource Management Has Been Vindicated

When we talk about the inspiration behind Vindication as a tabletop game it’s never a discussion about strategy or mechanics […]

A Look at the Art of Vindication

We at Orange Nebula believe in the power of collaboration. Opening a project to the influence of a wide range […]

Inside the World and Lore of Vindication

After a life spent chasing wealth and excess, your cruelty and corruption have finally caught up with you. That’s why […]


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