COVID-19 Could Be a Catalyst

Think Bigger. This is a sort of mantra for this community, a guiding principle for life, creativity, business, and problem [...]

Episode 20 – Whiffy Waffy

What makes a healthy community? What is the purpose? Why should you pursue it? What brings people together, and what […]

The Myth of Medusa Viewed Through the Lens of the True Crime Genre

Stories are told through the lens of the time. Thousands of years ago people gathered in outdoor amphitheaters to listen […]

Episode 19 – Neptune Vibes

Creativity, community, and the meaning of work. Why do we do what we do? Why does it matter? Marc, Lacey, […]

Understanding Crowdfunding: Unsettled Kickstarter Reflections Part Two

The first part of this reflection (focusing more specifically on the Unsettled campaign) can be read HERE. It is not required [...]

Episode 18 – Inappropriate Fruit Snacks

Creativity throughout our lives changes in how it’s expressed. Once creative people become parents, then what happens? Is their creativity […]

Episode 17 – Don’t Settle for Wiggly

What is world-building, and are there secret methods to getting it right?  (There are always secret methods, but they rarely [...]

The Creation of Mimics

Orange Nebula’s battle cry is to “think bigger.” Internally we come together and build worlds. We dream up all the […]

Unsettled Kickstarter Reflections Part One

The Orange Nebula office is dark and empty. 4:45am is like that. A gentle glow is pouring in off the [...]

2019’s Ten Most Popular Blogs

2019 has been a crazy year. Our community, The Outpost, has grown. We launched our podcast. And our team has […]


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