The Outpost

Episode 15 – Unsettled & Uncomfortable
By Mr Fake Person
Published October 18, 2019
unsettled & uncomfortable

The mailbag opens up the most detailed dive yet into the mechanics and experience of the upcoming cosmic survival game: Unsettled. Then Lacey makes things all weird n stuff by asking the fam to explore their perceptions of themselves.

So here the thing – the mailing list is typically the surest bet for the sneakiest peeks when it comes to upcoming Orange Nebula projects. However, sometimes, we just can’t help ourselves. We suspect you’ll forgive us. You typically do.

Introducing Plunder Pods!

This episode of the Outpost Podcast we got unsettled & comfortable. It also features the most in-depth discussion yet on the actual mechanics of Unsettled, our follow-up to Vindication. Are the reveals well-organized, well-presented, super clarifying, and easy to follow? NOPE! But they definitely are the deepest dive yet taken in public! We introduce some key concepts of the game: FOCUS and DISCOVERIES.

Here’s a taster:

In Unsettled, explorers (that’s you) each have three primary stats. AWARENESS, WONDER, and ENERGY. Because let’s be real – if we were to find ourselves wandering unexplored alien planets in the unknown depths of space, those are exactly what you’d be utilizing. You set this FOCUS to use on different tasks as you explore the planet, reducing it as you go and relying on it to respond to the many wild and bizarre opportunities that present themselves. Along the way you’ll make many intriguing DISCOVERIES, each with unique properties that effect you in unexpected ways.

Super vague? Want more? Listen to the thing. Totally lost? Don’t worry – comprehensive previews are coming very soon you won’t be unsettled & uncomfortable forever. Well, maybe…

Then, after the Unsettled chat, Lacey leads the team in what we feared would be a super awkward exercise in identifying each others skills and comparing those thoughts to how we think of ourselves. As always, Lacey knows best* – the experience ended up being super rewarding.

As always, everything at Orange Nebula is built to empower the community. If you have any topics or mail bag questions for the Outpost Podcast please submit them in the comment space below or to [email protected]. Don’t worry if you make it weird – we’re totally into it.

*Friggin’ Lacey. Why you so good at life?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]