The Outpost

Episode 44 — Passion Burnout
By Justin Stachowiak
Published May 10, 2022

If you enjoyed the serious reflection of the last podcast episode, too bad, because Tom is back from the operating table in this one; Theresa is saying goodbye; and Marc and Lacey are with them, riding that emotional rollercoaster.
This is the episode where we are wishing Good Luck to Theresa, and good luck to us all!

What Memories Does Theresa Have From Her Time At O-Neb? / What Perspective Has Tom Gained From Heart Surgery? / Passion Burnout

1:49 – Theresa recalls witnessing her impact
6:28 – Tom’s inverse relationship with how connected you are to the world and how much you bring to it
15:04 – Main Topic – Passion Burnout
30:56 – Theresa’s estimation on Marc & Tom’s shifting ratio of passion