The Outpost

Episode 49 — Pop Culture As Escapism Vs Catharsis
By Dinah Mattson
Published September 06, 2022

If you have wanted to delve more deeply into the psyches of the O-Neb crew, this episode is your chance. Lacey leads Jared, Krista and Derek in an exploration of their own thoughts and feelings around the media they consume.

What is missing from pop culture that would make it more for you? / How much do you think people’s interests are the result of everyone else’s? / Pop Culture as Escapism vs Catharsis

2:46 – Lacey recounts super-powered squirrel
9:30 – Krista’s experience with suggestions
12:37 – Main Topic: Pop Culture As Escapism vs Catharsis 
22:45 – Derick’s Escapisms