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Introducing Plunder Pods!
By Mr Fake Person
Published May 04, 2020
Plunder Pod

What are shrouded in mystery, constantly changing, and plump full of goodies? PLUNDER PODS!

Plunder Pod is a monthly giveaway of mystery treats, merch, and swag given out to the O-Neb community. Each pod will be different, and we reserve the right to make them as jam-packed and incredible as possible. Maybe we’ll use it to debut brand new stuff. Maybe we’ll get a wild hair and send out five pods instead of one. Maybe you’ll just randomly get one without even entering because of your heroics in the Outpost community. It’s an ongoing Orange Nebula giveaway program, and we—as per usual—intend to get crazy with it. 

Each month, a prompt will be provided through the Orange Nebula mailing list on how to enter to win. 

That “how” will change dramatically based on our wily whims. There may be a scavenger hunt. Or a photography contest. Perhaps the tallest tower of miniatures takes the prize, or the community’s favorite short story entry about a new illustration. Sometimes the barrier to entry will challenge your creativity and ask you to dig a bit deeper; which—as evidenced by your ridiculous over achievements on Kickstarter—is kind of your jam. Other times we’ll keep things incredibly simple: CLICK HERE—MAYBE GET STUFF. 

Whatever the case, one thing will almost always be true: the way to get in on the fun is through the Orange Nebula mailing list. If you’re already part of the mailing list, well then booyah to yah: you’re all set, keep an eye on your inbox. 

If you’re not yet part of the mailing list community, do something about that by enthusiastically CLICKING HERE. Signing up will automatically trigger an invite to enter to win this month’s Pod!

We’re so excited about all the wild and fun things we have planned for this. The joy we experience doing all these creative activities with you during the Kickstarter campaigns cannot be overstated, and we’re beside ourselves with glee at the prospect of bringing that experience into on-going regular practice. All the free goodies are just the cherry on top—this community is the real prize. We’re so grateful to be a part of it.

Keep being awesome.