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Mixtape Summer ’18: Our Picks for the Season
By Derick Lock
Published September 13, 2018

I could easily kick off the introduction of our Spotify playlists by pondering the deep impact of music and how it transcends all forms of expression, identity, and stuff and things and whatever. Honestly though – that is a daunting task I have no business pursuing, let alone have the time for. I do know music is important and it has been an indispensable part of every company I have worked with. The Orange Nebula team is no exception.

We’re on a mission to build a company that inspires creative thinking with beautiful design and shared ideas, so creating and sharing playlists full of music that keeps us focused and/or hyped in our creative pursuits is a no-brainer. We hope you browse a team member’s picks and think, “OMG, Katy Perry’s my spirit animal too,” or maybe you’re like me and you discover your new favorite soundtrack (that Bastion Soundtrack is amaze-balls).

Regardless, we hope you give it a try and enjoy! And be sure to follow us on Spotify as we continue to publish new playlists.

Tom’s Picks

mikaeladavis-150x150Dive – Tim Atlas
Bemyself – Parcels
In My Groove – Mikaela Davis

Lately I’m finding myself embracing a shamelessly light and easy mood appropriate for the season. Mikaela Davis is a new find for me, a harpist who brings her instrument into untraditional spaces. With ‘In My Groove’ she throws it into a role typically held by a guitar and comes away with a charmingly sophisticated dusty-rural-warm-breeze-at-dusk feeling that gives me all those summertime feels.

Marc’s Picks

bastion-150x150Dark Field – Caspian
Terminal March – Bastion Original Soundtrack
Filmic – Above and Beyond

I get my inspiration in the early mornings with coffee and an active sketchbook. When I allow my my mind to roam free, it often will ride songs like these, drifting on the ebb and flow of imagination. Color and concept will often take wing, and I explore the furthest reaches of my memory and creativity — free from the restraints of lyrics written by others. I forge new stories here, sometimes soaring over deep rhythms and deep beats, sometimes floating over piano keys.

Lacey’s Picks

katyperry-150x150Roar – Katy Perry
Poco Loco – Coco Original Soundtrack

My kids and I spend a good amount of time in the car together. These are the songs we are currently singing as loud as we can together. “I AM A CHAMPION, and you’re gonna hear me ROOOOAR.”

Derick’s Picks

chvrches-150x150Get Out – CHVRCHES
Sonic Paragon – Harry Allen, Anthony Wilson
Spirited Away: One Summer’s Day – Joe Hisaishi

This summer hasn’t been nearly as adventurous as previous summers as I find myself spending more time at home with family and enjoying the world around me that I so often ignore in my daily routine. This trio pairs perfect with those laid back summer days with some driving synth beats to start your day, a jazzy entrée to keep your creative mind inspired and a beautiful, soaring soundtrack as the day winds down.

Melanie’s Picks

maggierogers-150x150Fallingwater – Maggie Rogers
Hope for Something – Panama
A Moment Apart – ODESZA

For me, summer means road trips and blasting music with open windows after the sun goes down. These songs get me hyped up for new adventures, big and small, but I’m especially into Maggie Rogers and her unique folk/electronic blend.

Mark’s Picks

tokimonsta-150x150Never – Koreless
Rose’s Thorn – TOKiMONSTA
Extreme Northern Lights – Majeure

Chilled out summer tracks and smooth beats that pair well with an iced-coffee. Layers and layers that provide plenty of depth and atmosphere, and there’s enough synth to satisfy anybody who can’t escape the 80s.