Introducing The Outpost Podcast

We’ve decided to make 2019 the year we have all the fun, and are stoked to have you along. Yes we brought snacks, no you can’t have any yet. They are for later. What? Oh I don’t know, whenever we decide it’s later-enough, just look out the window!

Is this year going to get crazy? Are things likely to get questionably weird from time to time? A little sentimental? Equal parts informative and juvenile? Oh my we hope so.

In that spirit we are very pleased to announce the launch of the debut episode of The Outpost Podcast with Orange Nebula.

Episode 1: #thesmattering: Who is Orange Nebula and why do they do stuff? Find out in the first (and some say best-yet) episode of The Outpost Podcast with Orange Nebula, creators of the boardgame Vindication and other popculturey-type things.

Join Lacey the Untamed, Big Tom Casual, D-Lock, Marc and the occasional special guest as we take a look behind the scenes of running a boardgame company, at creative agency life, and at all the various cultural and intellectual ways these worlds collide.

The Outpost Podcast is available on iTunes or wherever you stream your podcasts.


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