Wormhole Releases

Many bizarre and intriguing things were ejected from the Wormhole. We’ve gathered the most wondrous (and least sticky) ones and present them here for your delight!


Pop Colony

Pop Colony is a new pop culture marketplace by the team behind Orange Nebula. It aims to curate and celebrate the games, toys, books, and collectibles we love, and to bring a touch of extra care and class to the marketplace side of the proceedings. We take seriously that you take these things seriously, because we do too.

Orange Nebula Bazaar

Orange Nebula is now on Etsy! The O-Neb Bazaar is the new home for some of Orange Nebula’s non-game creations. With the Bazaar, we’re aiming to expand the O-Neb community with new creative projects outside the world of games, including our first Bazaar release: the Misunderstood Series.

Don’t Miss the Next Wormhole Event

I think we can all agree that you totally watched the Wormhole video, get what’s awesome about these events, didn’t just scroll down to the new releases, and aren’t reading this with a slight feeling of weirdness. On the off chance we’re wrong though, sign up for the monthly-if-we-get-to-it Orange Nebula mailing list to ensure you’re right in the thick of things for the next one!