Spirit Fire Update #15: Must Read Spirit Fire Pledge Manager Details!

Spirit Fire Update #15: Must Read Spirit Fire Pledge Manager Details!

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Thanks for shrugging and going about your business while we sorted through some last-minute things with Gamefound! We now have most of the proverbial ducks in a row, so, here’s what’s going on!

1. Read the New Pledge Manager Details section of this update. Please. There are important details in here that will make your (and our) lives much easier.

2. Once you’ve absorbed the important details in this update, you can go and complete your pledge! 

To avoid some potential pitfalls, check that you're logged into Gamefound and then use this specific link to access your pledge: https://gamefound.com/en/projects/orange-nebula/spirit-fire/yourpledge

The pledge manager should be accessible to you by logging into your Gamefound.com account, clicking on your avatar in the top right corner of your screen, clicking “my projects,” and then clicking on Spirit Fire. The link above is even better, for reasons outlined below. Alternatively, you can wait to receive a Gamefound invite in your email inbox. Again, before you do either, PLEASE read the “New Pledge Manager Details” section of this update. 

To make a nice clean single source of information on the pledge manager, this update will have some redundant details with the previous ones. This section contains only the new information. 

NEW: Everything is Pre-Loaded

The biggest change to be aware of is that your pledge tier and add-on selections are going to be automatically imported into Gamefound (rather than converted to credits), so when you show up on the platform all the stuff you selected on Kickstarter will be pre-loaded! Yay, things that make life easier! 

IMPORTANT: this convenience introduces the potential trap of you finalizing your pledge without specifying which versions of things you want (like which color kits you want, sleeve styles, etc). Here’s what to do: 

Once you’re on Gamefound, find a button that lets you “modify my pledge”. The easiest place to find that is to click on the PROJECT section header—

And then direct your attention to the floating box on the right of your screen. Click “manage your pledge”. 

Here that is more zoomed in: 

On some browsers / screens that box may be a bar on the bottom of the screen. In that case, click on EDIT and a pop up will provide a “manage your pledge” link. Or, again, you can just use this link: https://gamefound.com/en/projects/orange-nebula/spirit-fire/yourpledge

However you do it, once you get to the “manage your pledge” screen that lets you edit your pledge, you can go through and select all your color variations in little drop-down menus. If you’re just getting stuff for yourself, this will be straightforward. 

If you’re backing the Partner or Trio pledges, you’ll see that the character boxes have been grouped by default and that you need to ungroup them to specify different color options for each. If you do NOT ungroup them, they will all come in the same color. Click the little “split” button next to the color selection dropdown.

Now you can select different colors for each character box. If you have a Trio pledge, you’ll need to push split twice to get all three separated and customizable. 

Other items in your pledge may need to have variables specified. For example, if you selected any of the additional color kits, you will have drop-downs to verify which colors of those you want. 

NEW: Color Kit Bundle

The only addition to the PM that wasn’t around as part of the original campaign is going to be a bundle of 4 additional color kits at a discounted price. This serves a couple of different needs: 

First, if you’re in a group with multiple players this is a nice discounted way for everyone to get an additional color option or two. 

Second, the desire to get all the color kits has come up repeatedly as something people want, and this is a nice clean way to make that happen at a discount! 

This add-on is set up to be 4 additional color kits, and then you designate which colors you want them to be. 

When you add the item to your pledge, click the little split button. 

Well, click it repeatedly. 

Now you can customize each color kit. If you’re trying to get ALL the kits, simply select the four colors that you did NOT select for your character box. In the below example, this hypothetical backer selected the green kit for their character box, so they selected the other four colors here.

Thus concludes the NEW details!

Everything that follows in this update is information from previous updates, presented here again to create a single reference point for this pledge manager. If you’ve already absorbed everything in the previous updates, feel free to move on! 

The information provided here is intended to cover as many questions as possible, in as much detail as possible. We promise it’s all more straightforward in practice than it may seem here. 


IMPORTANT! Retailers, please hang tight for now! We are making separate arrangements to handle retail pledges, you will receive an email in the weeks ahead. We repeat: this pledge manager does not apply to retailers, you will be finalizing your pledge elsewhere, so stay tuned to your inbox.

Pledge Manager Basics

A pledge manager is a sort of “final check out” for your Kickstarter pledge. It’s where you indicate what you want in your pledge, provide your address, and submit things to us as "finalized". The experience on your end looks a lot like an online store. There are many different “pledge management” platforms available. The one we’re using on this campaign is called Gamefound.

You will receive an email from Gamefound / Orange Nebula. In that email will be a link ("invite") to this campaign’s pledge manager on Gamefound. If you don’t already have a Gamefound account you will be prompted to make one. At that point, you will then be able to complete your pledge as though you were shopping at an online store with a giftcard pre-loaded! 

The “Story" (Campaign Page)

The pledge manager page looks a lot like the Kickstarter page. This is because the PM doubles as a storefront for people to make late pledges. As a KS backer, you can scroll past all the campaign graphics stuff. 

If you ignore this advice and analyze the campaign on Gamefound, you’ll see that some changes have been made to the graphics to make them applicable to late pledgers. You can ignore these changes, they don't apply to you. Refer to the graphics on the KS page as necessary to refresh yourself on the campaign’s details. 


The Rewards section is where you pick the number of character boxes you would like in your pledge! Each player needs their own box in order to generate a character. If we could rename that section “Number of Players,” rather than “Rewards”, we would. 

The rest of this campaign's content is featured in the Add-Ons section, including kits that will enable you to convert these character boxes to "all-ins," if that’s your desire.

FREE FOR SUPPORTING Kickstarter Extras: One of each of the free Kickstarter items is automatically included with each character box. So, however many character boxes your reward includes, that many copies of the “free for supporting” items will be included as well. Example: the Partner Pledge automatically includes two of each free item.

Color Kits: Each character box comes with one color kit of your choice, which provides cosmetic customization to various game elements. When you select your reward you will be able to select which color kit you’d like to receive. 

If your reward contains multiple character boxes, there’s a bit of a trick that must be performed when picking color kits. 

Let’s say you’re doing a partner pledge (2 character boxes)—

When you add this to your pledge, the pop up groups the character boxes in such a way that both will be receiving the same color kit. In order to select a different color for each, click the little “split” button next to the dropdown. 

Now you can select a different kit for each character box!

Voila! So custom.

All-In Kits

Typically, a game would have a simple “all-in” option in the Rewards section to make it nice and easy to just say “I’d like it all please.” Spirit Fire’s format makes that a bit tricky though, so here’s how it works: 

After the Rewards section is a section titled All-In Kits. 

Each all-in kit has content intended for one player. So, if your pledge has a single character box, and you just want to add all the gameplay extras, select one “All-In Gameplay-Only Kit”. But if you had two character boxes and wanted both to have all the gameplay extras, you’d select two of the “All-In Gameplay-Only Kit”—one for each character box.

There are three “all-in” kits available:

ALL-IN EXTRAS KIT: contains all gameplay and cosmetic upgrades. It does NOT contain sleeves, nor does it contain any additional color kits beyond the one already included in your character box. Super clarity: this contains all the content from the Gameplay-Only kit, as well as additional cosmetic extras.

ALL-IN GAMEPLAY ONLY KIT: does not contain any cosmetic upgrades, nor sleeves. Just gameplay content.

ALL-IN SLEEVE KIT: contains sleeves and only sleeves; sleeves enough for everything released in this campaign. Because neither of the other all-in kits contain sleeves, if you wish to sleeve you should add this as well. For example, you may select the All-In Extras kit to get everything, and then add the All-In Sleeves kit in order to sleeve it all. The only thing you’d be missing at that point are extra color kits, which are available as individual add-ons. More on sleeves below.

A “True” All-In

If you really want absolutely everything the campaign has to offer, you want the following: 

  • Character box (from the Rewards section) x1
  • All-In Extras Kit x1
  • All-In Sleeve Kit x1 
  • Color Kit add-on x4 (1 each of the 4 colors not selected to come in your character box)

If you have additional players who also want absolutely everything, add the above items again for each additional player.


Your best bet for ordering sleeves is to consult the Card Sleeving Guide on the campaign page. 

The short version is this: you have two decks, you can sleeve each deck in whatever style sleeve you want. There are also a bunch of non-deck cards that need clear sleeves. 

The All-In Sleeve Kit: To make life easier(ish), the All-In Sleeve Kit automatically includes the correct number of sleeve packs to sleeve all the content. You just have to pick which styles you want. Here’s how it works. 

Click “add to pledge” on the the All-In Sleeve Kit.

In the pop up window that follows, click “show items.” (This is very important) 

You should then have two drop down fields to select which sleeves you want for each of your decks. 

Clear sleeves are automatically selected as your third option.

If you do NOT click “show items,” you will only be presented one dropdown field, and whatever you pick will be applied to both decks. 

Stretch Pay

We are using Gamefound’s Stretch Pay system. This is exactly what you assume: you select "stretch pay" when you finalize your pledge and you then pay for it in installments over the next few months. It’s pretty straightforward, and a fantastic offering by Gamefound that we’re very excited to make part of this campaign. 

If you want more details, you can read here: Official Gamefound Info Page 

Pledge Manager Timeline

The pledge manager will be open for several months. That being said, the faster you finalize your pledge the faster we have reliable data that we can use to plan and prepare for manufacturing and fulfillment. We hope—especially with the addition of stretch pay—we will see MOST pledges finalized within days of this update. That would be immensely helpful to us as creators. That being said, finalize at a pace that's responsible for your situation. We'll post a loud update when the deadline for finalizing is approaching!

Assistance is Available!

If you need any help at all, don’t sleep on asking your fellow community members in the Orange Nebula discord. There are lots of fellow backers that are very willing to lend a hand. 

If you’d like more formal assistance, please don’t hesitate to email groundcontrol@orangenebula.com and we’ll answer whatever questions you have! This is a big, complex campaign for a game with a fairly unique format—it’s perfectly natural to have questions! We’re here to help. 

Gamefound Account Sync

If you have a Gamefound account that doesn’t use the same email address as the email you use on Kickstarter, please email us at groundcontrol@orangenebula.com. Let us know both email addresses so we can associate your KS pledge with your Gamefound account.

We are deeply grateful for you. If you have any questions at all, please hit us at groundcontrol@orangenebula.com and we'll get you all taken care of. If you want to hang out on discord, you can find us there as well. 

Much love,