About Us

We are a creative agency making pop-culturey passion projects. Joining us in this quest is a community that holds high-caliber design and pop-culture playfulness in equal regard. It embraces failure and rejects perfection, but demands the passionate pursuit of thoughtfulness, depth, and purpose. If you feel undeserving products are winning the attention war too often, or that there’s no reason a love of grabby-tentacled monsters can’t be a meaningful and artistic pursuit—welcome, you’re home.

Marc Neidlinger

Fleet Commander

Tom Mattson

Interplanetary Navigator

Eric Johnson

Base Operations

Lacey Faught

Atmospheric Engineer

Malia Purcell

Fleet Commander

Krista Zimmerman

Galactic World Visualizer

Justin Stachowiak

Interstellar Media Expert

Jared Lingle

World Builder Architect