Spirit Fire Update #16: Shipping Fixes, Refunds, Gratitude Discount

Spirit Fire Update #16: Shipping Fixes, Refunds, Gratitude Discount

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Rapid "QUICK, FIX IT!" Shipping Update

We have uncovered that the pledge manager has been miscalculating shipping costs. This is most notable on pledges that include additional color kits and/or sleeves—you know, fun things, things where the only calculations involved should be stuff like, “which do I want?,” and, “how many ‘which do I want?’s do I want?”

Good news, it’s fixed. Here’s the plan:

Plan Part One: fix the thing. This is done. The problem has been addressed and should be eliminated for any pledges finalized moving forward.

Plan Part Two: make it right. If you’ve already finalized, you’ll be hearing from us via email about a plan to get you any shipping refunds you have coming your way. It may take us a few days to get this all sorted, thank you for your grace and coolness on this, know that we’re going to take care of you.

Plan Part Three: make it even more right. As a gesture of gratitude, for the duration of this campaign, for all backers, we’re going to cover the cost of shipping on the troublesome items—sleeves and color kits—no matter how many of each you get. THANK YOU, for your great attitude. We’re grateful for you reporting the issues so quickly, clearly, and graciously. We’re appreciative and empathetic of the experience of encountering this miscalculation. We’re overwhelmed that so many said, “you know what, I want this game enough, I’m going for it anyway.” In all these things we are humbled, moved, and honored to have you as part of this campaign.


if you tried to finalize your pledge you already know that you were hit with a double <checks math>, whoa, triple whammy. Costs up there have exploded recently, and that compounded with the other miscalculation issues to do some truly grotesque things. We’ve done some handshake-style, napkin-math, yolo-type deals to UNCATASTROPHIZE your situation. You should be seeing much more normal shipping rates now. Well, “Canada normal”. Again, if you’ve already finalized, just hang tight, you’ll hear from us soon on getting refunded / reset / whatever makes the most sense for you. Is it too soon to laugh about this yet? Eh?

We couldn’t possibly appreciate you more. It’s moments like this—where we get to really connect and see and appreciate each other in the face of weirdness—that clarify why crowdfunding is a special space. Thank you, truly, for being you.

Much love,