Unsettled Update #40: Asia and ROTW Fulfillment Check-In!

Unsettled Update #40: Asia and ROTW Fulfillment Check-In!


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If you’re reading this, then we assume you are one of the rare, distinguished, distinctive few still awaiting your Unsettled shipment! Let’s get right into it.


United States, Canada, Europe, Australia/New Zealand

If you live in any of these regions and you have not yet received your game, please shoot us an email at groundcontrol@orangenebula.com and we will investigate!

Asia and ROTW

If you are in one of these regions, stay tuned to the VFI hub tracker hub breakdown to keep track of the progress of your area. For example: India, Israel, and Singapore hubs all just recently received their shipments, so it’s to be expected if you haven’t yet received your package.

Note that some regions VFI is fulfilling (particularly South American locations like Brazil) have not yet been shipped to the hubs, and as such they won’t yet show on this chart. VFI has communicated that they expect the remaining shipments to go out in the next few weeks, so if you don’t see your region listed by end of June, go ahead and shoot us an email at groundcontrol@orangenebula.com and we’ll check it out. We fully anticipate things being listed sooner than that though.

VFI Hub Tracker: https://vfi.asia/hubs/

Everything Else

If you do have your game, thank you for the amazing reception and all the kind words you’ve sent us. It always honestly (like, sincerely) surprises us that so many people take the time and effort to write us about their experiences (some very long and thoughtfully (we’ve been moved to tears on multiple occasions)). Please know how grateful we are for that, and how big of an impact that has on us. These projects are a lot of work, and they are absolutely projects of passion, which means everyone on this team really puts their heart on the line every day when they come to work. It’s hard to overstate just how effective your quick kind words, fun stories, or heartfelt messages are. We share them around the team, and we can feel the impact they have on each other. 

So, truly, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We’re SO sincerely happy that you’re enjoying the game, making fun memories with it, and love love love all your inspired ideas for additional planets and other new content that you’re sharing. We can’t wait to continue this journey with you in the months and years ahead. :-)

If you need us for anything, or want to tell us a tale or share an experience, we’re always available at groundcontrol@orangenebula.com.

If you’d rather chat with us alongside the larger community, join us in our discord. Several members of our team are in there pretty regularly, and the vibe is fantastic. Sometimes it gets reallllly weird, but that's it's own form of fantastic.

We appreciate you immensely. Keep being awesome.