Unsettled® is a series of collaborative survival puzzles set in the wondrous and bizarre fringes of uncharted space. Your crew of distraught-but-determined scientists must pull together to achieve your shared goal of continued existence across an expanding series of awe-inspiring alien environments.


2-4 Players

Ages 14 & Up


Cooperative, 2-Handed Solo

Framework & Planet Box System

Unsettled has a core structure (the framework) that will be the same each time you play. Into this, you plug a series of planet boxes, each offering unique twists, and variations on that core system. Essentially, each planet is a different version of the game. With no overarching campaign, you are free to explore as you wish — each play is an isolated, standalone experience, and each planet has multiple scenarios that may be played repeatedly. In time, you will begin to think of each play as the next stop on your long, weird journey home. The framework comes with two planet boxes (Wenora and Grakkis), additional planets are available on orangenebula.com and through Pop Colony.

Endless Unique Worlds

Each planet box offers a dramatically different experience. The rules of the game remain the same, but each planet’s components are designed to interact with each other in unique ways. You will be required to rethink your strategies, reframe your perceptions, and reconfigure your understandings on what to avoid, what to pursue, and how to get around. There are no cards in the base framework; everything you can do or encounter is completely dependent on the strange world you are exploring.

Science Not Violence

In the infinite possibilities of the universe, the greatest threat is not militant aliens or warring civilizations; it is our own lack of understanding. To survive, you will need to pursue scientific opportunities, make discoveries, gain comprehension, and achieve breakthroughs in chemistry, engineering, and robotics. Only by uncovering all the wondrously bizarre things each planet makes possible will you find what you need to survive.

Collaborate or Die

Not dying is hard work. As time progresses, and your crew’s distress grows, your endurance will begin to collapse. You must complete your survival task objectives and get out before that happens, or it will be the last thing you ever fail at. Thankfully, you’re not alone. You can use your personal abilities (and benefit from the actions of others) at any time, adapting on the fly as trust levels and personality traits evolve. Non-stop planning and strategic cleverness is required — every choice affects the entire group.


Embrace your fungal hosts to discover mind-bending abilities amid gelatinous air and icky sticky tendrils.

Space is hard. Hallucinating helps.


Discover pathways to the skies to escape a planet-wide chemical storm and the creatures that haunt this sand-swept desert.

Space is hard. Try harder.


Cautiously explore a crystalline crypt to commune with ancient beings and access long-forgotten alien memories.

Space is hard. Also, your mind is missing.


Delve into a labyrinthian coral construct with flash floods at every turn. Tread lightly though, lest you anger the planet itself.

Space is hard. Unless it’s fond of you.


Navigate a swirling mass of metallic asteroids and floating lava, held together by rampant magnetism and polarity fields.

Space is hard. Because lava.


Hunt for clues that could lead you home — while being hunted inside the drifting, planet-sized head of an ancient being.

Space is hard. Flesh is soft.


Scanners indicate something is present, but data is insufficient.


Scanners indicate something is present, but data is insufficient.